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Tantaly was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: Focuse on the design and creation of a series of high quality realistic torso sex dolls. We aim to create the Tantaly brand with the industry's highest standard to help you achieve a more realistic and enjoyable private experience.

Every idea starts with a problem:

Although the full body doll has the proportions and the feel of a real person, it is bulky, expensive, difficult to store, and requires high maintenance. The masturbator cup, although light and convenient, is a lacking alternative to physical movement, and it cannot give a realistic experience. In order to have a full body doll experience, a sex doll should at least have a big ass that can be spanked and realistic breasts that can be squeezed. It also needs to be as light and convenient as a masturbator cup and easy to store.

Where can you find such a product? In the current market, there are very few choices for customers who want to obtain a doll with these features. There are more inferior poisonous dolls and scam sites than legit products. This makes customers worry about buying dolls. To this end, we hope to solve this problem. That’s why we created Tantaly and dedicated our business to providing high-quality and realistic torso sex dolls with pleasant customer service. We focus on the design and creation of more realistic torso sex dolls, allowing you to get a real sex experience.

Just as the slogan says, Do Real Be Real, Tantaly offers the most realistic sex doll on the market.

Both men and women can improve their love life with the best sex dolls & education.

If you're standing outside the door of sex dolls and itching to step in, then Britney is the perfect gateway doll to get you started.

Orgasms are our ambition

Tantaly is a brand of the internationally operating Ruhot Technology Inc. With headquarters in L.A., Berlin, and Hong Kong, our doll is now available in the US, EU, UK, AU, and CA. Our team of 100 employees work passionately at all times to improve love lives around the world with our products. We celebrate self-love and fight all prejudices about sex. Everyone, regardless of age, has the right to enjoy a life of sexual satisfaction.

A better world of male masturbators

Tantaly's story began in California in the United States. Steven is an ambitious person who has tried various male masturbators. He agrees with the experience of a full-body doll, but also hates its bulkiness and cost. He likes the portability of the airplane cup, but is not satisfied with its diversity. In the process of exploration, he also found that a large number of inferior sex toys flooded the market. And there were only a handful of trusted brands that urgently needed to be upgraded. So he decided to start a brand that combines the advantages of airplane cups and full-body dolls, and is committed to manufacturing world-class, high-quality torso dolls.

Driven by insatiable curiosity

Tantaly’s uniqueness is rooted in our design-led approach to our products. We have an intrinsic and instantly recognizable design DNA. Our dolls incorporate the advantages of other dolls on the market, combined with the high-quality feedback of our large number of loyal customers. This allows us to continue to innovate and create a unique sexual experience for all our customers. We will continue to stay ahead of the high-end realistic torso dolls market. It is our continual pursuit of quality and authenticity that makes Tantaly a leader in the field of sex doll torsos.

It’s all about you and us

With a high brand reputation, Tantaly's products are well received and loved by customers. Tantaly has the highest standard of customer service guarantee in the sex doll torso industry, and has received more than 95% customer service praise. We give great importance to every customer who buys our products and ensure them that we can help solve any of their problems right away.

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Hi, This is Helena!

Helena is a certified Sexologist and one of Australia's leading Sex Therapists and Tantra Practitioners. She is passionate about helping her clients overcome sexual difficulties and become the best lovers they can be. Her mission is to spark a sexual revolution, breaking through the shackles of conditioning and empowering people to experience sex as natural, healthy, and utterly beautiful. Tantaly totally agrees with her philosophy and what she does. So we invited her to make a popular science video for us. In this video, she introduces sex dolls, masturbation and some sex psychology. Hopefully this video will help you enjoy sex better.

Tantaly Product Manual

To better convey the culture of our brand and inform our customers about our products, we created the Tantaly Product Manual. In this product manual, we introduce our current products, such as Britney, Monica, Jennifer and so on. We also selected some high-quality product pictures and celebrity images. In the process of reading the manual, you will be able to establish a basic understanding of our products and meanwhile get a good feeling by seeing so many sexy pictures.

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