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Sex is the most wonderful act of human pleasure, and everyone has the right to indulge in it. Tantaly is dedicated to providing every man with a realistic sexual experience by creating sex doll torsos such as Britney, Aurora 2.0, Monroe, Nicole and Jennifer. Enter a realm of unparalleled sexual exploration with Tantaly, the trailblazing brand in sex doll torso technology. Start your adventure with us today and experience the most realistic and intimate sex experience yet. At Tantaly you will always find the right goddess for you.

What is Tantaly Sex Doll Torso?

A Tantaly sex doll torso is a body torso made of TPE material that does not include a head or legs. It is easier to store and transport compared to a full body doll and provides a more realistic sexual experience than a masturbator. The doll simulates the texture and sensation of real human skin, and having sex with it can provide an extremely lifelike sexual experience.

What is TPE?

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, which is a material commonly used in the manufacturing of sex dolls. It is a synthetic material that combines the properties of plastic and rubber, making it both flexible and durable. TPE sex dolls have a soft, realistic skin-like feel, which enhances the authenticity of certain sexual experiences. Tantaly is a company that produces high-quality TPE sex dolls, with all products made from medical-grade TPE, which is FDA certified, for safety and durability. TPE is also commonly used in the healthcare field, such as in tourniquets and menstrual cups.

Experience a more realistic sexual experience than with masturbation Cup

With the advancement of technology and the change of people's sexual concept, traditional masturbation has been replaced by other methods, and you can find a variety of masturbation substitutes, among which there are two most prominent masturbation substitutes, masturbation cup and sex torso dolls. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation cup and Tantaly sex doll torso to help you choose our products better.

Tantaly sex doll torso and masturbation cup are both sex toys designed to enhance sexual pleasure, but they differ in their construction and features.

Tantaly sex doll torso is a life-size replica of a woman's torso, usually made of soft TPE materials that simulate the feel of real female skin. They often include realistic features such as a vagina, anus, and breasts, and are designed to be used for a more realistic sexual experience.

A masturbation cup, on the other hand, is a compact, handheld device that is designed to simulate the feeling of oral or vaginal sex. They usually feature a textured sleeve made of materials like TPE or silicone, which wraps around the penis, creating a vacuum-like sensation when moved up and down.

In summary, Tantaly sex doll torso is a more comprehensive product designed to mimic the feel of a realistic human body, while a masturbation cup is a smaller and more straightforward product designed to simulate sexual intercourse. Both products have their own unique features and advantages. If you are looking for concealment and portability, you can choose masturbation cup, if you are looking for a more immersive and realistic experience, then Tantaly sex doll torso is your best choice.

Tantaly Beginner-level Sex Doll Torso

If you're new to the world of sex doll torsos and looking for an entry-level option, Tantaly has a variety of affordable, beginner-level sex doll torsos that are perfect for getting started.

Here are some recommendations that come with breasts or buttocks:

Tantaly Sex Doll Torsos with Breasts

For those interested in a sex doll torso with breasts, Tantaly offers the Dita, Scarlett, and Britney options.


Dita is our smallest torso sex doll, weighing only 9.26 pounds, making her very easy to store, carry, and clean. Despite her small size, she still has all the features of our other torso sex dolls, allowing you to enjoy vaginal, anal, and breast play in any position you desire. And with a price of only $109.99, Dita is an excellent entry-level product for anyone looking to explore the world of sex dolls.


Scarlett, on the other hand, has a cute butt, elastic breasts, and a very realistic vagina and tunnel, providing you with an authentic sexual experience. She weighs only 14.3 pounds, making her easy to store and carry.


Lastly, there's Britney, whose large breasts utilize our unique Tantabosom gel technology, which exceeds standard gel breast technology by 30% in terms of softness, realism, safety, and stability. Britney can provide you with an exciting breast sex experience, and her butt, vagina, and anus are all highly realistic, with many bumps and ridges inside the tunnels, making her an ideal sex doll torso for beginners. Britney weighs 28.6 pounds, providing a balanced size that is neither too small nor too large.

Tantaly Ass Sex Doll Torso

Moving on to our selection of torso sex dolls with buttocks, we highly recommend Cecilia, who is an adorable and realistic small butt sex doll torso, weighing only 18.7 pounds. She is an excellent upgrade to the traditional masturbator, with a vaginal and beaded tunnel design that feels just like real skin, allowing you to experience both the pleasure of using a masturbator and the sensation of having sex with a real woman. Cecilia is the perfect choice for beginners who are new to the world of butt sex doll torsos.

At Tantaly, we pride ourselves on our high-quality sex doll torsos, and we're confident that you'll find the perfect sex doll torso to meet your every desire. Whether you prefer a torso sex doll with breasts or buttocks, our selection is sure to please.

Tantaly BBW/Medium/Mini Sex Doll Torso
Experience the Ultimate Pleasure with BBW Sex Doll Torsos: Your Fantasy Comes to Life.

It's hard for any man to resist the allure of a BBW beautiful woman. With their voluptuous figures, full breasts or hips, and irresistible curves, BBW sex dolls like Monroe, Jennifer, and Nicole are sure to get your blood pumping. The realistic skin texture and lifelike features of these dolls make it easy to indulge in your ultimate fantasy, exploring all kinds of sexual positions and experiences.

Tantaly Medium Sex Torso Doll: A Life-like Sensation

If you're looking to simulate the experience of having sex with a real woman, you won't want to miss out on Tantaly's medium-sized sex doll torsos. These dolls, which include Britney, Candice, Aurora 2.0, Monica, Rosie, and Louise, offer a more realistic feel and provide a more lifelike experience between cuddling and sex.With their slender but curvaceous figures and lifelike skin texture, these dolls are perfect for those who want to feel like they are engaging in intimate activities with a real person. Whether you want to cuddle up and feel the warmth of a partner, or explore all kinds of sexual positions and activities, our medium-sized dolls are sure to provide you with the ultimate pleasure.

Tantaly's Mini Sex Doll Torso: The Best Alternative to Masturbation Cups

The mini sex doll torsos are the smallest options in Tantaly, featuring dolls like Dita, Scarlett, and Cecilia. These dolls are perfect for those who prefer a more compact and portable option. They are lightweight, easy to move around, and convenient to clean. Despite their small size, these sex doll torsos still offer a lifelike experience, with realistic skin texture and curves in all the right places, making them the best alternative to masturbation cups.

At Tantaly, we understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to sex doll torsos, which is why we offer a range of options to suit all kinds of desires. With Tantaly, you can explore your fantasies and indulge in your deepest desires in a safe and respectful way.

Tantaly Sex Doll Skeleton Movement Range

Our dolls can be divided into two categories: movable skeletons and non-movable skeletons, most of which belong to the latter. The movable joints of the doll mainly include waist joints and leg joints. Among them, the maximum range of motion of the waist joint is 15-20 degrees in the front arch and 15-20 degrees in the back concave, while the leg joints can move forward a full 90 degrees. You can click here to view the specific range of the doll's skeletons.

Tantaly Sexy Doll Magazine

Tantaly launches a new version of Sexy Doll Magazine so that you can better understand our products. Inside, you'll find expert tips on doll cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your dolls stay in top condition. Plus, indulge in captivating dressing and styling photos for personalized doll fashion inspiration.

Click here to access the magazine.

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Tantaly's third Tantabutt doll - the highly anticipated Cecilia with Tantabutt is here! The upgraded Tantabutt allows you to experience roller coaster-like excitement, as Cecilia's buttocks bounce and sway with your movements, making it irresistible to possess her over and over again.
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Offering users a variety of sexual experiences while providing a new option for cleaning, maintaining, and drying sex doll torsos.
Tantaly at the Berlin Venus Adult Expo
Berlin, October 26th to October 28th, 2023 - Venus Berlin, as the world's leading adult entertainment and lifestyle trade fair,attracts 250 exhibitors from 40 countries to network. At this show, Tantaly is proud to join the ranks, showcasing innovative adult entertainment products to indulge in adult entertainment and provide attendees with an unparalleled experience.
Daisy- the 41.5LB farmer girl is coming!
Daisy, the 41.5LB Farm Girl, has a sexy peach butt made with Tantabutt, a perfect blend of lifelike realism and irresistible softness.Daisy is ready and waiting to help you hold a piece of paradise right in your hands!
Donna- the 28.6LB popular magazine model is coming!
Donna, a charming, 28.6LB long-legged popular magazine model in the 1990s. Her large soft breasts, supple waist, flat stomach, perky ass, and slender legs.Along with adorable and harmonious contours come together to create the sexy bombshell you've always dreamed of having sex with. Let her lie on your bed, and become exclusive to you as your essence and hers become one.
Tantaly mascot figures is coming!
The prototype of Tantaly's brand mascot figures is an astronaut named Tan, who comes from the future and embodies a spirit of adventure, daring to seek better experiences. We believe that sexual pleasure is an inherent right for everyone, and should not be restricted by societal labels or biases. We encourage self-acceptance, allowing individuals to freely pursue their own sexual pleasure without feeling ashamed or guilty. Let Tan accompany you,you deserve better!
Tantaly Sex Doll Magazine is coming!
Experience ecstasy like never before with Tantaly. Tantaly takes you on an unforgettable journey where every touch and curve brings wonder. Every encounter inspires exploration and desire. Tantaly is proud to launch the new version of Sex Doll Magazine. Whether you want to know about product cleaning and maintenance, or get inspiration for dressing up your doll, you can find the answer in this magazine.
Tantaly 2nd Generation Privacy Package
Tantaly is dedicated to safeguarding customer privacy while providing innovative solutions for doll transportation. We improved packaging based on customer input, adding a black PVC bag. This enhances privacy and makes doll transportation effortless.
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