Diana: 48.06LB Realistic Masturbator Pornstar Sex Doll

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Tantaly is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy while providing innovative solutions for doll transportation. After comprehending the concerns regarding customer privacy storage and the challenges of doll transportation, we conducted visits and surveys across our factory supply chain, incorporated more customer feedback, devised a variety of solutions, and rigorously tested them. As a result, we have upgraded our packaging by adding a black PVC bag to the original packaging. This enhancement not only ensures privacy storage but also facilitates the effortless transportation of dolls. Learn More
Customers have the right to return the products within 14 days after receiving them without causing damage to them and without affecting resale. Learn More
You can choose dolls with movable or non-movable skeletons according to your preference. Diana is a skeletal, movable sex doll. Click here to see the specific movement range of the doll's skeletons. Learn More
Tantaly cares about your health and is committed to providing you with safe and reliable adult dolls. Recognizing the chaos in the adult doll market, we have taken action so that you can enjoy a secure and pleasurable entertainment experience. Together, let's embrace safety and joy.

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Diana: 48.06LB Realistic Masturbator Pornstar Sex Doll

Tantaly and Diana have teamed up for the first time to create this long-legged doll with naturally soft breasts, perfect for fulfilling your Diana cravings. Imagine putting a collar on her, gently circling behind her, caressing her delicate and stunning curves, enjoying her pink and juicy pussy and ass, using her favorite doggy style, and going to heavenly orgasms together.

Watch the Diana Video Below

Would you like to try the taste of cherry red pussy lips wrapped around a cock?
Breasts as soft as clouds waiting to be touched and kissed.
Push and thrust your way through the raised particles and circles and enjoy the pleasurable sensation of playing around to your heart's content.

Diana Daniels

Diana Daniels, born on March 1, 1997, resides in Europe and is currently 25 years old. She is a highly popular amateur model on the Pornhub platform, renowned for sharing homemade videos with her boyfriend. She has successfully secured a position among the top one hundred models of the year. However, this alluring and enigmatic lady has seldom revealed her true identity on social media platforms, leaving many fans curious about Diana's real appearance.

What is the allure of the mysterious Diana Daniels that enchants so many fans? In her videos, she consistently appears with striking black hair, confidently showcasing her impressive, alluring physique and a flawless waist-to-hip ratio. Fans have dubbed her as a "dream girl" and a "mysterious princess." Diana's display of anal sex skills in the videos is highly praised by fans, and the subtle details in her interactions with her boyfriend create an authentic and natural portrayal of a couple. Despite never revealing her face, fans can still perceive her beauty and loveliness through the videos. Additionally, Diana Daniels' cinematic filming style, akin to that of movies, has also won over a vast number of fans.

Diana is incredibly active on social media platforms like Fansly and Twitter, often sharing playful selfies, stylish outfits, and engaging with her fans through replies. On Fansly, she boasts 10.5K subscribers and has posted 858 pictures along with 77 videos. You can follow and subscribe to her account to admire her unparalleled beauty. Besides her work, Diana loves to spend her vacations at the beach, soaking up the sun.

After five years of experience as an adult model, Diana has become one of the most popular amateur models. Her videos on the Pornhub platform have amassed over 300 million views, garnering her a fan base of 728,000 with a total of 87 videos produced. She secured the 93rd position in the 2023 annual performer rankings.

Now is the time to focus on your own pleasure. Tantaly has perfectly captured Diana's mysterious charm this time, allowing you to experience unparalleled moments beside her. Enjoy the thrilling yet comfortable experience with Diana to fulfill the desires deep within your soul.


Soft breasts of an enchanting maiden

Crafted from Tantabosom, the breasts are soft and alluring, faithfully recreating Diana's droplet-like chest shape. They gently rise, akin to a gentle feather's touch. As you caress their snow-white skin, you'll marvel at its delicately realistic feel. Her lovely yet sensual breasts massage your shaft, offering an experience of utmost pleasure, as if enveloping you in warm embrace.

As you push into Diana's lovely pink vaginal tunnel, you'll experience everything this lady has to offer as if on a roller coaster ride of sometimes tense, sometimes comforting excitement. With each thrust, a variety of raised pellets massage your penis, and the dense rounded pellets send shivers down your spine, giving you an unparalleled orgasmic ride.

Diana's Anal Tunnel is a combination of delicate rimming and various raised particles with intermittent tight rims throughout, ending in a narrow cascade of rims through which is your chance to cream this princess's anus. Both of Diana's tunnels are loose and comfortable, so you can play with her for long periods of time and enjoy the sexual pleasure of spanking to your heart's content.

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Net Weight 48.06lbs / 21.8kg
Gross Weight 60.41lbs / 27.4kg
Vaginal Length 6.5in / 16.5cm
Anus Length 6.5in / 16.5cm
Upper Bust 34.84in / 88.5cm
Under Bust 23.82in / 60.5cm
Hip Circumference 35.04in / 89cm
Waist Circumference 21.26in / 54cm
Leg Circumference (maximum) 18.9in / 48cm
Leg Length 7.87in / 20cm
Sitting Height 20.87in / 53cm
Suitable Storage Box 33.27in x 16.54in x 12.6in

84.5cm x 42cm x 32cm

*The suitable storage box size we recommend is the size of the storage box that is suitable when you use the PVC bag and Styrofoam box to store the doll.

*This product comes with the latest privacy packaging, where the PVC bag is used in conjunction with the polystyrene box to protect your dolls while making transportation convenient. Therefore, after spending a wonderful time with your love doll, you should her back in her resting state with legs closed, place her in the polystyrene box, zip it up, just like when you received her. Additionally, to avoid staining your love dolls, please prevent direct contact between the PVC bag and the dolls.

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  • All Tantaly items are dispatched in our plain, sturdy custom-made boxes. Our tough boxes are double-wrapped with heavy-duty packing tape, though the size will of course vary depending on your order. Besides, you can also enjoy free shipping.

    In addition, after visiting and researching the supply chain of the factory and taking suggestions from more customers, we developed the second-generation privacy packaging of Tantaly based on the old packaging, adding a black handbag. You can easily transport the doll anywhere by lifting the sturdy straps on both sides of the bag. The opaque black color ensures others cannot tell what's inside, so you can place this product however you want. Learn More

  • Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is key to preserving the longevity of your new love doll. To ensure proper hygiene and longevity of your new doll, please use the following recommendations as a guideline.

    Doll Cleaning

    • Install the portable sex doll washer.
    • Insert the tip with sprinkling holes into the tunnel.
    • Squeeze the bulb to let the warm water into the tunnel.
    • Shaking or squeezing out the water inside the doll.
    • Gently insert the drying stick with the rounded end.
    • Use a Soft Cloth to gently pat down the doll's skin.

    Doll Maintenance

    • Avoid using any old cleaning agent.
    • Keep away from sharp objects.
    • Dry with care.
    • Keep in a cool dark place.
    • Stay in a straight lying position.
    • Apply some renewal powder on the skin.
    • Underwear that is tight or dark can lead to deformation or staining of the doll's breasts or body. 

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Tantaly 2nd Generation Privacy Package
Tantaly is dedicated to safeguarding customer privacy while providing innovative solutions for doll transportation. We improved packaging based on customer input, adding a black PVC bag. This enhances privacy and makes doll transportation effortless.
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