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Britney 2.0

During the event period only, the price of the new Britney (white) will not be increased for upgrades.

After the summer promotion, the price will increase in an all-round way.

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If you follow Tantaly on Reddit and Telegram, you can send the order number to u/firegirlse on Reddit or Vivian on Telegram by private message to get a Water Lube.

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41.8LB Life Size Beach Girl Sex Doll


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Aurora 2.0:

54LB Slim Body Anime Sex Doll


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40.7LB Best Sex Torso Doll for Breast Fun


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Britney 2.0

In response to customer feedback, Britney 2.0 not only achieves a more anatomically correct position of the LHP while reshaping the fullness and softness of the labia, but also truly restores the human skin texture and enhances the texture and detail of the nipple and areola.

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Enjoy the special offer in Tantaly Couples Appreciation Month sale!
Get Ready for Romance! Mark your calendars from Apr. 22 to Apr. 26, nightly between 10:00 pm and 03:00 am GMT-4, a different Tantaly doll goes on sale at 20% off each day, (with the highest discount up to 28%)! Treat your special someone to a surprise they'll never forget. Small gestures, big love!
Daisy pro - Daisy with removable vaginas is coming!
Introducing Daisy Pro, the multi-vagina version of Tantaly's beloved star, Daisy! Now featuring Tantaremoval, Daisy Pro simplifies cleaning, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment of big-ass spanking fun! Say goodbye to cleaning woes and hello to endless pleasure with Daisy Pro!
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Tantaremoval - a revolutionary innovation in Sex Doll Torso!
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Tantaly at the Berlin Venus Adult Expo
Berlin, October 26th to October 28th, 2023 - Venus Berlin, as the world's leading adult entertainment and lifestyle trade fair,attracts 250 exhibitors from 40 countries to network. At this show, Tantaly is proud to join the ranks, showcasing innovative adult entertainment products to indulge in adult entertainment and provide attendees with an unparalleled experience.
Tantaly mascot figures is coming!
The prototype of Tantaly's brand mascot figures is an astronaut named Tan, who comes from the future and embodies a spirit of adventure, daring to seek better experiences. We believe that sexual pleasure is an inherent right for everyone, and should not be restricted by societal labels or biases. We encourage self-acceptance, allowing individuals to freely pursue their own sexual pleasure without feeling ashamed or guilty. Let Tan accompany you,you deserve better!
Tantaly Sex Doll Magazine is coming!
Experience ecstasy like never before with Tantaly. Tantaly takes you on an unforgettable journey where every touch and curve brings wonder. Every encounter inspires exploration and desire. Tantaly is proud to launch the new version of Sex Doll Magazine. Whether you want to know about product cleaning and maintenance, or get inspiration for dressing up your doll, you can find the answer in this magazine.
Tantaly 2nd Generation Privacy Package
Tantaly is dedicated to safeguarding customer privacy while providing innovative solutions for doll transportation. We improved packaging based on customer input, adding a black PVC bag. This enhances privacy and makes doll transportation effortless.
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