Tantaly Heating Stick USB Warm Hole For Sex Toys Masturbation Aid
Realistic Tunnel Tantaly heating rod warms doll's tunnel like a real human! The warm and wrapped tunnel will bring you a more realistic experience. Enjoy a more realistic tunnel for a more realistic sexual experience. Warm Experience It seems hard...
Tantaly Absorbent Sticks
Healthy Material and Quick-Drying: The drying stick is made out of 100% diatomaceous earth and its porous structure makes it uniquely suited to absorb moisture without damaging the material of your doll or posing a danger to your health.It is...
Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit
How can I prevent lubricants from leaking out? How can I clean my dolls more easily? How can I dry the doll tunnels better? How can I store the dolls when not in use? Don't worry, this is where the...
Tantaly Doll Repair Kit
Does the doll peel or tear after a period of use? Did the doll accidentally get some dirt on its surface that was difficult to remove? Don’t worry, that’s what Tantaly Doll Repair Kit is for.Tantaly Doll Repair Kit contain...
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